Monday, November 19, 2012

Homework Handout page -12

QUESTION- Philip knows that a pyramid has a height of 6 m and volume 900 m cubed. He  determines the area of base as.

V= 1/3 ( area of base) ( height)
900= 1/3 ( area of base) (6)
900/3= ( area of base ) (6)

300-6= area of base

- Area of base of pyramid is 294 m.
  prove that this is incorrect and state Philip's error.


To find the volume of a pyramid given by the formula is:
Volume of pyramid =  Area of base × height
What Philip did wrong according to the formula
of how to find  volume of a pyramid is:

1.) He divided 900 by 3 instead of dividing it by 1/3
2.) He took 300 and subtracted 6 instead of dividing 300 by

This is how I think this question should be solved=

1.) 900
     ----     = Area of Base x 6
     2700 = Area of Base x 6
     -----   = Area of  base

   450 m squared = Area of Base

This is how I think Philip should have done this problem.
So basically you divide the volume by 1/3, then you take that answer and divide it by the height. That is how you will find the area of the base of a pyramid.

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