Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Page 81, question number 31 A

V=square root

31. The area of a triangle can be determined using Heron's formula, which requires the side lengths of the triangle. Heron's formula is A=Vs(s-a)(s-b)(s-c). In the formula A is the area; a, b, and c are the side lengths; and s is half the perimeter or a+b+c/2.

Determine the area of each triangle with the following side lengths. Express each area to the nearest tenth of a square centimeter. 
A) 15cm, 12cm, 10cm
B) 9.3cm, 11.4cm, 7.5cm

A= Vs(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)
A= Area
a, b, c= side lengths 
S= Half of the perimeter 


 V 18.5(18.5-15)(18.5-12)(18.5-10)

 V 18.5(3.5)(6.5)(8.5) V 18.5(22.75)(8.5) V 18.5(193.375) V 3577.4375 =59.81168364If you round off 59.81168364 to the nearest tenth, it would be 59.8cm.

A) 15cm, 12cm, 10cm is the right answer.

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  1. Nikka it is asking for the area of the triangle not the side lengths.