Thursday, November 22, 2012

Textbook pp. 80 Question 24.A) Ashton V.

                                                 Math Textbook pp. 80 Question 24.a

24. The distance , d, in kilometres, that a person can see across the ocean to the horizon is given by the formula d= the square root of of 12.74 x h. In the formula h= Height, in metres, of the person's eyes above the water. Calculate the distance that each of the folloeing people can see across the ocean to the horizon. Express each answer to the nearest tenth of a kilometre.

A) Adele is sitting on a lifeguard station at the edge of the ocean. Her eyes are 4.1m above the water.

that is how i found my awnser. ==>(Sorry if you can't read my writing)<==

The distance that Adele can see across the ocean to the horzion is 7.2 kilometres.

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  1. Do not square root the height as shown in your work.