Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Textbook question #35

The width of  a rectangle is 1/3 it's length. The Area of the rectangle 9.72 m2, what are the dimensions of the rectangle.

To do this question first you need to find the length of the rectangle. To get the length you can just compute the square root and then divide it by 1/3. 
  5.4 cm is the length of the rectangle now to find the width of the rectangle it says the the width is 1/3 the length so to get the width you just multiply 1/3 by 5.4cm and you will get the width.

5.4 x 1/3= 1.8cm  

The whole dimension of the rectangle is 1.8cm by 5.4cm

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  1. Karl why does this work? What did you do to find the equation to square root?